The Year of Political Instability in Bihar

Bhola Paswan Shastri

1969 proved to be the year of political instability in Bihar. The Congress-led coalition Government, which came to power on 26th February, collapsed on 22nd June.

The Jana Sangh was opposed to inclusion of Justin Richard of Hul Jharkhand party in the council of ministers because it would have been a blow to its own ambition in the tribal areas.

The Jana Sangh had succeeded in penetrating some remote areas of Chotanagapur by working on the slogan of Christian tribal versus non-Christian tribal.

After the resignation of Sardar Harihar Singh, Bhola Paswan Shastri took over. But he could continue in power for only 12 days! It was the days of the Aaya Rams and Gaya Rams.

My report in Frontier of 12th July 1969 describes how Bihar has been bogged down by political instability since the 1967 general election.

There was no Government. Administration was at standstill. Files had piled up without anyone having time to see them. Development work had stopped.

Frontier 12 July 1969

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