MP’s Famous Five of Social Media

DB Post 4 Aug 18



It was mid-summer madness.

A 27-year-old divorcee from Punjab kept Ujjain police on tenterhooks for almost a week after she landed there in June to meet SP Sachin Atulkar.

The woman was clearly infatuated with the 33-year-old cop’s chiselled looks, rippling muscles and 18-inch biceps that have turned the IPS officer into a social media poster boy.

She threatened to jump off the train when the police tried to send her back to Punjab. Finally, her relatives took her away.

But before that she broke an LCD TV, an air cooler and furniture at a police station even as harried policemen tried to keep her satisfied with pizza and paneer butter masala.

She was a social media fan of the police officer. One of the 3.45 lakh fans! Continue reading “MP’s Famous Five of Social Media”