‘Main Hoon Na’ Moment of MP Politics


With BJP chief Amit Shah predicting that Shivraj Singh Chouhan will return to power for a fourth term in MP, the CM jumped into the poll arena with a renewed vigour last week. He is going around the state in his Rs 2.5 crore-chariot seeking votes playing to the gallery and thumping his chest.

Chouhan has been in power for 13 years now. His position within the ruling party has become unassailable, especially over the past five years, with almost all his detractors either vanquished or banished from MP.

That kind of unchallenged power is enough to transform any person. His characteristic humility has given way to chest thumping on public platforms: “Despite a drought, crops are bountiful in Shivraj Singh’s raj.” Continue reading “‘Main Hoon Na’ Moment of MP Politics”