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Subhadra Joshi, Convener, Sampradayikta Virodhi Committee

Allahabad: The third All India National Convention against Communalism concluded its three-day session at Allahabad on February 10, in which nearly 100 delegates from all over India participated.

The convention was called by the ‘Sampradayikta Virodhi Committee’ which is actually more of a movement than an organisation. In the words of SubhadraJoshi, the committee has only a one-point programme – to combat communalism.

The committee which reported on factors retarding national integration said that regionalism, linguism, casteism and communalism were the four major factors responsible for it.

The panel of students and youths wanted the end of misinterpretations in the writing of history after a thorough probe by a committee of experts. An amendment from a Bihar delegate was accepted that mention of religion and caste should be removed the application forms for admission in institutions, employment etc.

The panel on law and administration wanted an amendment to the government servant’s conduct rules to prohibit membership of para-military communal and pseudo-cultural organisations.

Excerpts from Now 27 February 1970

A report on the third All India National Convention against Communalism, organised by Sampradayikta Virodhi Committee at Allahabad from February 8 to February 10, 1970. Article by N. K. Singh in Now 27 February 1970
Now 27 February 1970


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