Population Problem in India

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“We all know what a war fought with nuclear bombs will mean. It would mean the destruction of million of human beings. But the bombs can only destroy the body. Population explosion can do much worse. It can destroy the soul and degrade the dignity of the human being.”

MC Chagla, speaking at the American National Conference on ‘A new look at the population crisis’.

  1. India ranks 2nd in population after China and seventh in land area. It claims 15 per cent of the world’s population and 2.4 per cent of the world’s land area.
  1. Daily 167,000 children in the world, out of which India’s share is 50,000 — 821 more mouths to feed every minute.
  1. Fourteen out of every 100 persons are Indians and they are increasing at the rate of about 2.2 per cent annually.


Adjusted to the present area

1891 – 23.67 crore

1901 – 23.63 crore

1911 – 25.21 crore

1921 – 25.14 crore

1931 – 27.90 crore

1941 – 31.67 crore

1951 – 36.11 crore

1961 – 43.92 crore

Excerpts from The Searchlight 9 February 1970

India is set to overtake China as world's most populous country. And we have been ignoring the warning since 1977. NK Singh's article on population problem in India published in The Searchlight, 9 February 1970
The Searchlight 9 February 1970



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  1. There is a need to rewrite population story demystifying population dynamics and religious fundamentalism in context of enhanced migration in last five decades. You may draw lot of substance from “The Human Tide” by Paul Morland published by John Murray, 2019.

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