Naxalite Versus Sangh in Bihar

Crude bombs, Pic IANS
The Naxalites seem to have declared a crusade against the Jana Sangh and the RSS in Bihar.

In Naxalite-infested Mushahari area of Muzaffarpur, they shot dead Ram Garib Das, president of the local unit of the Jana Sangh on 24th July last. 

A leaflet issued by the Patna City Jana Sangh, “Khoon Ka Badla Khoon” (blood for blood), accused that “the Muslims belonging to the CPI” had killed Das. 

The Secretary of the Bihar State CPI described it as “an open call to murder Communists.” 

Owning the killing, the CPI(ML) said: “The Jana Sangh – the party of black marketeers and characterless zamindars – wants to give this incident a communal colour. It is falsely accusing the Muslims of having killed Das. We want to make it clear that Red Guerrilla squad has given the death punishment to Das. No Muslim whatsoever has any connection with it.” 


Recently, on 7th August the Naxalites threw bombs on an anti-Mao procession at Patna organised by the Sangh. 

The Vidyarthi Parishad and newly formed Krantikari Yuvak Sangh brought out a rally of 300 persons after burning the effigy of Mao at the gate of Patna College. 

As the rally advanced about 300 yards, two or three bombs were hurled on the procession. No one in the rally was injured. 

However, one bomb hit a rickshaw puller and its passenger – the lady principal of a local school. Splinters of bombs hit a boy (16) too. 

People in the rally alleged that the bombs were thrown from a mosque. The mob ransacked the mosque and assaulted and looted the Muslim shops in the area. 

Three persons suffered bomb injuries. 

One person was killed and six others were injured in the riots that ensued. 

A top leader of Bihar Jana Sangh said that “the CPI-Muslim League axis was behind the attack.” 

The CPI(ML) later owned responsibility for the bomb attack. It accused the Jana Sangh of giving communal colour to the incident. 

Excerpts from Struggle 20 September 1970

Struggle 20 September 1970 P1
Struggle 20 September 1970 P2

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