Heavy Engineering Corporation in Trouble

Heavy Engineering Corporation. Source HEC.

Ever since its birth in 1958 the Rs 250 crore Heavy Engineering Corporation, Ranchi, a public sector undertaking has rmained in a state of never-ending crisis.

Heavy Machine Tools Plant workers are on strike, demanding scrapping of test for promotion. The employees do not want to appear for test.

In the past ten years HEC has seen at least three permanent chairmen and more than a dozen officiating chairmen.

According to KC Pant, Union Minister of State for Steel and Heavy Engineering, it would reach its annual rated capacity of 80,000 tonnes by 1974-75, 20 years after its inception! There are always strikes in HEC.
The most interesting part of the strike was reappearance of the famous Naxalite leader, Satya Narayan Singh, who is general secretary of Hatia Mazdoor Union. Singh was reported to have gone underground after the Naxalbari movement.
Excerpts from Frontier 24 May 1969
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