Father Camille Bulcke Presides Over Kavi Sammelan

Camille Bulcke

HEC Hold Kavi Sammelan

(By A Correspondent)

Ranchi: “Akhil Bharatiya  Kavi Sammelan” was organised in the H.E.C.  stadium on 14th December.

Some famous poets such as Shri Janaki Ballav ShastriShri Bedhark Banarsi and Shri Bharat Vyas participated.

Shri Jankiballav Shastri and Bharat Vyas intoxicated listeners with their love-poems.

Another popular poet Santosh, moved the audience with his patriotic recitations.

But the most heart-touching poem was Kalyan Jain’s “Admi Se Admi Ko Pyar Ho Agar.”

Shri Bharat Vyas presented a satire on Congress and Gandhiji.

Other poets who contributed to the success of the Sammelan were Shri Ramji (Bhagalpur), Pankaj (Lucknow) Shri Mutalia, Ramachandra Verma of Ranchi, Rampriya Mishra “Laldhuan” of Patna, Srimati Snehalata of Lucknow, Gyanavati Sakssena of Bareilly, Bholanath and Hansh Kumar Tiwari.

Father Camille Bulcke , who presided over the sammelan, spoke a few words. He congratulated the people of H.E.C. on holding this successful meeting of poets from all over India.

The Sentinel, Ranchi, 21 December 1968


The Sentinel 21 December 1968

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