Line blurred between ruling party & government in MP

DB Post 6 Oct 2018


It is time for the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh to reap what it has been sowing for 15 years.

It has launched a publicity blitzkrieg to monetise its purported achievements. Anyone who lives in the state can’t escape the carpet bombing unleashed by the government.

The media, both new and traditional, is drowning in it. Billboards inform citizens that they live in a golden state, Swarnim Madhya Pradesh.

Freebies distributed among the poor carry photographs of their benefactors. Our mandarins had even planned tiles carrying the PM’s and the CM’s images outside the government built houses.

It is overkill. If you live in MP, you get the impression that every morning the sun rises in the east due to the efforts of only one person. No awards for guessing who that person is. Continue reading “Line blurred between ruling party & government in MP”