How USA missed the chance at Bokaro Steel Plant

Bokaro Steel Plant. Pic courtesy Industriall Union

Negotiations over the Bokaro Steel Plant, the fourth pearl in the string of the Hindustan Steel Limited, dragged on for several years.

This golden chance to improve the prestige and image of US foreign aid was missed by the Americans when their Senate refused to collaborate with the Bokaro Plant.

However, the Americans blame Krishna Menon more than the Indian Ambassador in Washington for it.

They say, it was this sharp-tongued “fellow-traveller” who made it impossible for them to think about Bokaro at that time.

So Bokaro was started in 1964 with Soviet help.

At first it was declared that the first stage of the plant would be ready by 1967 which was later extended to 1971. Now it is sure that that it would not be ready until June 1972.

(Note: Bokaro Steel Plant started its first blast furnace in 1972.)

Excerpts from Enlite 16 August 1969

Enlite 16 August 1969

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