Bihar: Naxal in Munger

Munger Fort. Pic courtesy Bihar Govt

Six thousand troops are ready to take action at any time. The place is under the direct charge of a special police squad comprising border experts, senior intelligence officers and combatant section of Bihar Military Police.

The local police also have been asked to stand by for any assistance that the special squad may need in ‘emergency’. The armed police are functioning from nine static camps and a number of mobile units equipped with wireless vans.

But the guerrillas come from nowhere and carry out their mission successful, i.e. annihilate the enemy, despite all the tight security arrangements. Naxalites are reportedly creating terror among the people of Surajgarha police station of Munger district.

After Mushahari (Muzaffarpur), Surajgarha has been declared the most disturbed area in Bihar owing to the growing Naxalite influence.

In the case of Surajgarha, the CPI(ML) has one peculiarity – most of its cadre were members of the CPI, whereas in other areas it is the CPM which has provided most of the Naxalites.

Annihilation of ‘class enemy’

Dr Kailash, a local Naxalite leader was attacked the goondas of the zamindar. The zamindar of was attacked a few days later, but the operation was a failure.

The Naxalites decided to launch guerrilla warfare. Kiranpur village was chosen as the centre of activity and a zamindar and his son were annihilated in September last. Another from the same village met the same fate.

The Government sent a 2,000-strong police force to maintain law and order. But the guerrillas annihilated one more zamindar of Loshihani village on December 21. Rich people of the area started shifting to Munger town for security.

Six thousand troops were pushed into Surajgarha. But the Naxalites annihilated one more ‘class enemy’, bringing up the tally to six. In all these operations, the Naxalites used no sophisticated weapons, they relied on hand grades in broad daylight.

Perhaps the most significant phenomenon is that it is not a war for economic gains, but concentrates on “annihilation of class enemies.”

The Surajgarha struggle was being carried on under the guidance of two leaders, both of whom are said to be very popular among the poor peasants – Kailash Mahon and Kailash. Kailash Mahton was arrested on December 31.

Two guerrillas were killed in a bomb explosion in their hide-outs. One is stated to have died in police custody due to torture.

Reports are appearing in the Press to the effect that most of the wanted Naxalites have been rounded up. When asked, a Naxalite source said the arrested persons were not guerrillas but persons whose names were supplied by zamindars due to animosity.

Excerpts from Frontier 28 February 1970

Frontier 28 February 1970, P1


Frontier 28 February 1970. P2

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Bihar Naxal in Munger Frontier 28 Feb 1970


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