A Committee To ‘Guide’ Aiyer Commission

Justice TL Venkatarama Aiyer

On April 3, 1969 the Congress-led coalition Government’s new Chief Secretary, SN Singh, set up a committee of top officers, including himself, to “assist and guide” the two inquiry commissions set up by the previous governments in Bihar — the Aiyer and Mudholkar Commissions.

These are at present inquiring into charges of corruption and misuse of power against six former Congress ministers and 14 United Front ministers.

According to the officials, the briefing committe was to scrutinize evidence relating to each charge with reference to relevant papers and instruct lawyers concerned about the Government’s point of view in respect of each charge.

But the storm of protest forced the Chief Minister to dissolve the committee on April 9.

Almost all the party leaders had sharply reacted to its formation. Even the Congress leaders.

The most interesting party of the drama was the disunity among the Top Five for whose benefit the Aiyar Commission was sought to be scuttled.

Excerpts from Frontier 26 April 1969

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Aiyer Commission causes storm in Bihar Frontier 26 April 1970


Frontier 26 April 1969

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