A tribal folk song and ‘Haria’, the rice beer

Haria, the rice beer. Pic source Wikipedia

O my beloved you have gone far away

You have gone far away indeed

Where shall we meet

Where shall we see each other

When the Hasa Jatra (fair) will be held

We will meet each other

We will see each other again.

If I meet you in Bamani fair, I will give you a garland

I will give you a ring and then we will talk.

I will put the garland on your neck

 (Translated by anynmous)

Rice beer or ‘Haria’ is of great importance to the tribes of Chotanagpur, specially for the Mundas. ‘Haria’ is a kind of beer or wine prepared from rice. It is both beverage and food, but generally it is a drink.

The Oraons, the Mundas, the Hos and the Santhals drink it as frequently as drinking water. Important on all occasions, it plays a dominant role in the tribal culture of Chotanagpur.

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Excerpts from Frontier 16 August 1969

Folks songs and Haria rice beer are integral part of lives of Chotanagpur tribes.
Frontier 16 August 1969 P1
Frontier 16 August 1969 P2

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