My First Guru in Journalism: Samar Sen

Samar Sen, Founder Editor of Frontier



It was in 1969 that I started writing for Frontier, a radical left weekly published from Calcutta, as Kolkata was called then.

My first article appeared in its issue dated 18 January 1969. The association would continue for a decade, until 1979 when I joined the Indian Express which did not allow staffers to write for other publications. Continue reading “My First Guru in Journalism: Samar Sen”

Growth of RSS in Ranchi After ’67 Riots

A RSS drill in progress


The RSS is now-a-days very active in Ranchi city where it has occupied parks, playgrounds, and school grounds for daily shakhas.

In the Heavy EngineeringCorporation the development of the RSS has been extraordinary. Before the communal riots there were only a few members, but now in the HEC the number of the “Swaymsewaks” is near three thousand. Continue reading “Growth of RSS in Ranchi After ’67 Riots”