You are reading here the first rough draft of history

Front page banner headline of Indian Express, December 4, 1984

Poison gas claims 408 lives in Bhopal

Leak from pesticide plant affects 20,000


BHOPAL, Dec 3.

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh turned into a deadly gas chamber in the early hours of Monday.

 About 500 people, most of them children, were feared killed by a poisonous gas, which leaked from the local pesticide manufacturing plant of Union Carbide.

According to official sources, 408 bodies had already reached the morgue of the local Medical College Hospital. “This is not the final fi­gure,” sources said.

(According to PTI over 20,000 inhabitants, affected by the worst-ever environmental disaster in the country, were undergoing treatments in various hospitals here.)

As the rescue operation was progressing in the affected localities, many more bodies were being brought in by trucks and other vehicles. Several people took bodies directly to the cremation and burial grounds.

This correspondent, who undertook a tour of the affected localities on Monday morning, saw scores of bodies on the roadside and other public places. Hundreds of cattle also perished in the worst tragedy of Madhya Pradesh.

Several people died in sleep. Their bodies were still in their homes on Monday evening. Continue reading “You are reading here the first rough draft of history”