“मैं तो साहब बन गया” : सीएम के साले संजय मसानी का सियासी सफ़र

Sanjay Singh Masani

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s brother-in-law shifts from BJP to Congress


वारासिवनी: कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार संजय सिंह मसानी वोट कितने बटोरेंगे, कहना मुश्किल है, पर वे तालियाँ खूब बटोर रहे हैं. मसानी मध्य प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री शिवराज सिंह चौहान के साले हैं. चुनाव के ठीक पहले उन्होंने भाजपा का साथ छोड़कर कांग्रेस का दामन थामा. Continue reading ““मैं तो साहब बन गया” : सीएम के साले संजय मसानी का सियासी सफ़र”

We get the Neta we deserve


DB Post 1 December 2018


Yogendra Nirmal, the sitting BJP MLA from Waraseoni, is known for his simplicity and honesty. His austere lifestyle inspires both awe and amusement. Dressed in knickers and vest, every morning he can be seen sweeping not only his house but also the street in front of it.

He did not pick up the broomstick because of the Modi Government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He has been wielding it long before he became a member of the MP Assembly, long before he became the chairman of the local municipal committee.

Most of the voters in the constituency have their favourite Wodehousian tale to share about their MLA’s unimpressive appearance. “Once, I went to Bhopal to meet him,” recalls Balaghat journalist Atul, “he opened the doors in his chaddi and then went to the kitchen to make tea for me.”

His dress sense, rather lack of it, has become part of the political folklore in the area. He is oblivious to his crumpled shirt, unshaved face with several days of growth and the habit of wearing his trousers without belt. “And he would climb the stage in that kind of dress even to address a rally with the CM,” says Devesh. Continue reading “We get the Neta we deserve”