Currents of Communal Muslim Politics in Bihar



Cutting the ribbon is Ghulam Sarwar (1926-2004), who figures in in this article. The journalist-turned-politician was jailed and prosecuted several times for his communal politics during the Congress rule in Bihar in the 1960’s. However, he would later join the JP movement. With the advent of MY factor in Bihar, he became a Minister and, eventually, the Speaker of Bihar Assembly. Pic courtesy: Bihar Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

Reyaz Azimabadi & NK Singh

Secular Democracy, December 1970

The so-called Muslim leaders have two slogans to give —- the question of Urdu and the problem of communal riots. For quite some time, the question of Aligarh Muslim University has emerged too in a communal garb, of course.

The leaders have never tried to face the actual socio-economic problems like the land problem, which is acutely faced by the rural Muslim population. Continue reading “Currents of Communal Muslim Politics in Bihar”