Each farmer gets Rs 50K, yet suffers

DB Post 24 November 2018


Baihar Baiga is a differently-abled man of uncertain years. The tribal from Shahdol district is lame, to use the politically incorrect term.

In the courtyard of his mud-thatched house in the Baiga quarters of the Singhpur village, he is surveying with resignation the crop that his two school-going grandsons have just brought in from the fields.

The paddy plants are shrivelled, with few grains to be seen. It can be, at best, used as a fodder. The crop has failed.

A member of one of the most impoverished primitive aboriginal tribes in India, Baihar Baiga owns one acre of land, a gift from the State.

But he is not a member of any agricultural credit cooperative society. Neither does he have an account in the cooperative bank. He could not, and did not, buy the crop insurance policy.

So, he cannot get any compensation. Farming, for him, is a gamble that did not pay this year.

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