Arjun Singh blames Delhi for releasing Anderson

Hindustan Times 19 June 2010

Congress leader breaks silence on Bhopal gas tragedy, points finger at Delhi


BHOPAL: Breaking his silence the first time on the roiling controversy of former Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson’s release from Bhopal, Arjun Singh said he had “no locus standi on the matter. He spoke exclusively to Hindustan Times on the phone.

When asked if he wanted to clear the controversy, Singh told HT, “I have no locus standi on this issue,” virtually lobbing the controversial ball back into then-central government’s court.

The Congress has reacted sharply to then-foreign secretary M.K. Rasgotra’s comment that the Rajiv Gandhi government had promised “safe passage”  to Anderson. Continue reading “Arjun Singh blames Delhi for releasing Anderson”