JMM Payoffs: Defection Scandal

A Jharkhand MP claims he and three others received money to bail out the Rao Government in a 1993 no-trust motion as allegations are made that hawala funds were used to buy four crucial votes

Shibu Soren



  • Four JMM MPs who opposed a notrust motion on July 28, 1993, deposited more than Rs.1.60 crore on August 1 and 2 in the same bank in Delhi.
  • The petition alleges that on August 1, 1993, Rs.30 lakh was deposited in Suraj Mandal‘s account.
  • Shailendra Mahato says that three days after they voted for the Government, Mandal gave him Rs.40 lakh, saying that the money came from Rao.
  • On August 1, 1993, Rs.30 lakh was deposited in the account of JMM MP Shibu Soren, his wife, and Hemant Kumar and Basant Kumar. On the same day, Rs.30 lakh was deposited in the name of the four JMM MPs and Rs.12 lakh in the name of Simon Marandi and his wife. Next day, Rs.21 lakh more was deposited in their account.

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