Anderson was given VVIP send-off on a state plane

Hindustan Times 11 June 2010


BHOPAL: Four days after the gas leak, an army of Indian and foreign media persons waited for Union Carbide Corporation chairman Warren Anderson outside the company’s guest house for nearly eight hours only to learn later that there any had come and gone.

Anderson had flown to Bhopal from Bombay by an Indian Airlines flight to avoid public attention that a  company jet would have attracted.

He was accompanied by UCIL chairman Keshub Mahindra and managing director V.P. Gokhale.

Bhopal’s District Magistrate Moti SinghSP Swaraj Puri and a posse of policemen met them on the tarmac beside an official Ambassador  car waiting for the Carbide bosses. Followed by Singh and Puri in another car, Anderson and his colleagues were taken to the Carbide guest house.

An officer, who was part of the operation, said the team spent anxious moments at the back-gate as the lock refused to open. So, several policemen lifted the entire six-foot-high gate from its hinges to make way for Anderson’s car. Continue reading “Anderson was given VVIP send-off on a state plane”