Daroga Rai Govt in Bilhar has an elastic cabinet

Daroga Prasad Rai


During its eight months of existence the so-called ‘progressive’ Government of Daroga Rai has done some work. Its first step towards ‘progress’ was to stay the notice under the Agriculture Income Tax.

The Government has taken some long-pending decisions such as abolition of Tata’s zamindari in Jameshedpur, land reforms act, homestead (privileged persons) act and abolition of upper house.

Radical 10 October 1970

Radical 10 October 1970



The Book That Shook The British Empire

Sunderlal (far left) walking with Gandhi ji to prayer meeting.

Among the most extraordinary people I have met, and interviewed as a journalist, was Gandhian scholar Pandit Sunderlal (1886-1981).

Pandit Sunderlal had become a legend in his lifetime. He was better known as the author of Bharat Mein Angrezi Raja 1,000-page tome in Hindi, whose publication in 1929 shook the British Empire. Continue reading “The Book That Shook The British Empire”

Bihar CPI(ML) Political Report 1970

Busts of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Lin Piao and Charu Mazumdar outside a Naxalbari school. It was CPI(ML) ideologue Charu Mazumdar who had taken Naxalites onto the path of ‘annihilation of class enemy, triggering a mayhem of violence. Pic courtesy Indian Express

It was a scoop. But I had not realised it at at that time!

In its issue of May 9, 1970, Frontier, a favourite among  far-Left intellectuals and activists, carried a report on the CPI (ML)’s Bihar State conference. The report quoted extensively from the political report passed at the conference. It was an internal party document with restricted circulation.

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